2015 Tacoma Available Soon near Woodinville

These days most drivers are interested in a vehicle that has versatility and increased passenger capacity. Toyota has decided to explore this avenue. This can be linked to the increasing desire for either Access Cab or Double Cab as opposed to the single Cab models. The 2015 Tacoma Available Soon near Woodinville is a new product from Toyota which is designed to answer majority of the customer questions when it comes to the dynamism, performance and efficiency. We are dedicated to bringing you very the best quality Toyota vehicles.

There are many changes which have been implemented in the model in addition to the cab changes. The vast changes in this model include an all-new interior with more infotainment features and this provides a more exciting look than ever before. The 2015 Tacoma Available Soon near Woodinville comes available with a new system which will be entune-based with more enormous navigation system/audio display. JBL sound will be an option while also an integrated back up camera display which will shift to the head unit itself versus the rear view mirror.

This model will come with distinct engine options composed of a large displacement 2.7 liter 4-cylinder engine and a 3.5 liter V6 or 4.2 liter V6 which will be recognized for the increased power, torque and fuel economy more than its predecessors. The engines will be mated to an all-new 5-speed and 6-speed automatic transmission. The transmissions for the 2015 Tacoma Available Soon near Woodinville will feature heavy-duty torque converters and gear ratios will get coupled to any of the above referred engines.

Visit us and learn more with us as you prepare to acquire one because we know it will exceed your expectations. We proudly serve customers from Lake Stevens, Mill Creek, Everett, and Monroe.