2015 Toyota Prius Coming Soon near Everett

It is undeniable that people want more fuel-efficient vehicles and are looking to manufactures like Toyota to deliver more environment and world resource friendly options. Toyota has set the standard with the Prius and Magic Toyota is the place to learn about the 2015 Toyota Prius Coming Soon near Everett.

Toyota has designed a new modular platform for their lineup called the Toyota New Global Achitecture. The Prius will be the first to see changes via this new modular platform which will include new batteries with greater energy density, smaller and more-powerful electric motors, and a newly designed gasoline engine that has been optimized for better combustion and reduced friction. Reports on the new Prius suggest that Toyota hopes to increase the fuel economy by about 8 percent, which is quite a bit when you look at how fuel efficient it already is (try 50mpg combined). The newest version of the best selling hybrid of all time will see a reduction in weight by 20% thanks to new architecture. It will be powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that will put the Prius at the highest mpg rating of the Toyota lineup at 55 mpg combined.

Toyota is also looking into a new battery system that would utilize a more space-saving lithium-ion battery pack designed to eliminate the “memory effect” commonly attributed to the current NiMH battery pack used in the Prius. The lithium-ion technology eliminates the capacity loss that often occurs when a NiMH battery is recharged before becoming fully depleted and provides a substantial weight loss and will last substantially longer. The longer-lasting batteries will have a tremendous positive impact on the environment as fewer batteries will need to be disposed of.

Reports indicate the 2015 Toyota Prius Coming Soon near Everett should see new interior elements that include a newly redesigned dash and instrument panel as Toyota is revamping the look and feel of the Prius to separate the fourth-generation from previous generations, as well as other other hybrid competition. A Toyota executive promises a roomier interior, notable design and layout refinements, and a greater ease of use for the newest Prius.

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