2016 Toyota Dealer Serving Edmonds

2016 Toyota Dealer Serving EdmondsSeeking a vehicle can be difficult sometimes which is we are a dealer that is here to help you find your true vehicle. Your 2016 Toyota Dealer Serving Edmonds will be able to get you behind the wheel of the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, the tough Toyota Tacoma, or the stimulating Toyota Avalon.

2016 Toyota Models

2016 promises releases of the Toyota Tacoma, Avalon, RAV4, and Camry, as well as others. The new Camry will come with a Special Edition version, featuring unique 18-inch alloy wheels, Qi-Compatible Wireless Charging, and a striking blue theme inside and out.

The 2016 Avalon will arrive with a sport suspension and redesigned front end, as well as advanced technology and LED headlights and daytime running lights. The popular RAV4 SUV gets a hybrid model, adding efficiency to practicality, and the Toyota Tacoma continues its dominance over the off-road areas with the sporty SR5 and the Tacoma TRD Off-Road. Ask your dealer for more information about what can be right for you.

Buying Your 2016 Toyota

If you want to be able to go anywhere and do anything with your car, then talk to a 2016 Toyota Dealer Serving Edmonds about getting an auto loan for your new vehicle. You can find any number of auto loans that’s right for you, with monthly payments that fit your budget. Don’t forget, though—always look at the full price of the auto loan, the length of time for repayment, and the interest rate when getting your auto loan, rather than just monthly payments. In the end, it’s how much you pay overtime that makes a difference.

Be sure to also check what options you have to save on your car purchase when you get a hybrid or otherwise alternate-fuel vehicle; many state governments offer tax breaks, rebates, and other incentives to get a “green” vehicle.

2016 Toyota Dealer Serving Edmonds

Another way to finance a new car from your 2016 Toyota Dealer Serving Edmonds is to lease. This involves paying monthly for around two to three years in order to drive the newest cars. Leasing may not be for people who don’t like to be constrained by how many miles they can drive, but if that doesn’t bother you, then leasing can be much cheaper than buying a new car—you can be paying as much as 50% less over the same period of time as someone taking out a car loan.

We are a dealer that is here to help you find the perfect Toyota. You can reach us at 866-858-1515 if you have any questions. Magic Toyota is a trusted 2016 Toyota Dealer Serving Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mill Creek, and more. Browse our inventory to see what new Toyotas are available to you.