April 2016 archive

Apr 22

New 2016 Toyota Hybrids Available in Edmonds

It’s no surprise that there are many New 2016 Toyota Hybrids Available in Edmonds that people can choose to buy. After all, Toyota has been leading the way for green vehicles for many years now, starting with the Toyota Prius. From that single model, Toyota now has seven all-new hybrid models for sale, all with …

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Apr 15

New 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Available in Edmonds

The new 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid represents the evolution of the trend that Toyota first started with its Prius, the first mass-market hybrid vehicle. Compact crossovers have been popular since the mid-nineties, where Toyota also shone—incidentally with the RAV4. As one of the biggest consumer segments, manufacturers need to find a way to shake up …

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Apr 08

2017 Toyota 86 Coming Soon

Sports car enthusiasts will be excited to see the 2017 Toyota 86 Coming Soon. With a design inspired by the best of the best, the Toyota 86 promises to give a truly unique and engaging experience. The Sleek 2017 Toyota 86 The basis of the upcoming Toyota 86 comes from the Scion FR-S sports car. …

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Apr 01

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Coming Soon

The Toyota Prius first went on sale worldwide in 2000 (after debuting in its homeland of Japan in 1997), making it the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. The Prius sold well and was followed up by two more models—the Prius c, which was a smaller compact that was oriented around city driving, and the Prius …

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