2017 Toyota Mirai Available near Lynnwood

2017 Toyota Mirai Available near LynnwoodMirai, which means “future” in Japanese, is Toyota’s first fuel-cell vehicle running solely on hydrogen and its only emissions are water. The 2017 Toyota Mirai Available near Lynnwood is four passenger, mid-sized sedan has a 312 EPA-rated miles per tank and takes approximately five minutes to refuel.

Powering the 2017 Toyota Mirai near Lynnwood

How the 2017 Toyota Mirai Available near Lynnwood works is by pumping hydrogen into the vehicle, which is where it gets its power from, rather than from gasoline or electric charging. When hydrogen is pumped into the Mirai, gas travels to carbon-fiber reinforced fuel tanks. Then the FCV’s front intake grill delivers air from the outside to the fuel cell stack which makes electricity. Hydrogen travels from the tanks to the fuel cell stack, where is goes through a chemical reaction involving the oxygen in the air, and creating electricity which powers the vehicle. Finally, when you step on the gas pedal, electricity from the fuel cell stack gets released to the motor. The only by-product being used to create electricity with the hydrogen and oxygen is water, which exits the vehicle through the tailpipe.

Style and Safety Features of the 2017 Toyota Mirai

The aerodynamic styling of the 2017 Toyota Mirai Available near Lynnwood includes LED headlamps with auto high-beam, wide-angle fog lamps, front and rear parking sonar, and dynamic radar cruise control. The Mirai also comes with 17-inch engraved allow wheels, blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, heated outside power-folding mirrors, and the convenient touch sensor lock/unlock door handles.

Safety features include Toyota’s Star Safety System, which is a collection of safety systems for braking, stability and traction control. The Mirai has a pre-collision system which provides an audible warning and display notification to alert the driver of a possible collision, an available Safety Connect system that provides emergency assistance via Toyota’s 24/7 call center, lane departure alert which tells the driver with a buzzer or display notification when the vehicle veers out of its lane, and an advanced airbag system with eight SRS airbags keeping the cabin safe.

The Mirai, as the name suggests, vows to take the automotive industry to the next level. Contact Magic Toyota for more information by calling 866-858-1515 or visiting our dealership located at 21300 Highway 99, Edmonds, WA. We offer great deals on new and used vehicles, as well as maintenance and repair services on your Toyota car or truck.

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