2018 Toyota Prius Prime Available in Lynnwood

2018 Toyota Prius Prime Available in LynnwoodToyota introduced the world to mass-market hybrids in 2000 with the Prius; nearly two decades later, it’s still considered one of the top environmental automobiles. The model gave way to many model offshoots, including the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime Available in Lynnwood.

Economy of the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime in Lynnwood

What sets the 2018 Prius Prime apart is the fact that it’s a plug-in hybrid, as opposed to a conventional hybrid. Where conventional hybrids use gasoline as their main fuel source, plug-in hybrids (called such because they can be charged from an outside source by plugging into a 120- or 240-volt outlet) primarily use their electric motor to propel themselves. The electric motor can call on the combustion engine in order to extend its range, or use it as a generator in order to help regain electric power.

Plug-in hybrids such as the 2018 Toyota Prius Prime Available in Lynnwood tend to have a longer range when fully fueled and fully charged; Toyota claims a total range of over 600 miles, which makes things such as commuting a snap (especially if you have a place to charge your car at work, as well).

2018 Toyota Prius Prime Design Features

The 2018 Toyota Prius Prime Available in Lynnwood sports the well-known trapezoidal hatchback body style, which makes it not only useful as an economical car but also gives you an easier time when it comes to loading. Its low center of gravity and its construction gives it a nimbleness that makes it fun and easy to drive, and features such as the Toyota Safety Sense P suite (standard on every Prius Prime) and intelligent park assist give additional aid to the driver, whether you’re in the city or the suburbs.

It’s important to know that the 2018 Prius Prime’s rear middle seat has been replaced by a center console, so its limit is four people—however, those people (and all their cargo) can fit comfortably, and the driver will enjoy the ergonomic arrangement around their seat. Upgradable features include an 11.6-inch infotainment screen (a few steps up from the standard seven-inch), a JBL sound system, a heated multi-function steering wheel, Qi wireless charging, and an eight-way adjustable power driver’s seat.

The 2018 Toyota Prius Prime Available in Lynnwood combines Toyota’s legacy with all the newest automotive and environmental technology to create a car that’s, once again, perfect for people from many walks of life. Contact Magic Toyota for more information on financing your brand-new hybrid vehicle.

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