Brake Repair for Toyota in Edmonds

Safety should be essential for car owners. Car breaks are at the forefront of safety features in any car and we all want them to work at their optimum capacity. At Magic Toyota we provide Brake Repair for Toyota in Edmonds. We have dedicated and professionals who are ASE certified. Working in concert with state-of-the-art technology and diagnostic techniques our well coordinated teams of professionals will ensure you drive off with a well serviced car.

Mechanic in a garage

Toyota brake rotors are built with minimal thickness to save weight, this means they must be replaced. It is important that you know when to bring in your car for Brake Repair for Toyota in Edmonds. Be keen and watch out for the following symptoms: Inability to pump up your breaks caused by hydraulic problems, squeaking caused by dust or loose pads, rhythmic noise caused by a warped rotor (this a pulsating noise, the brake pedal may also pulsate underfoot) or a constant grinding noise. It is important to know how your brake system should work and feel. Brakes either work properly or not. Do not take any chances, when you notice any of these problems bring your Toyota down to Magic Toyota for a look over. Our Professionals will carry our routine checks on your brakes. Toyota breaks must be visually inspected every six months. We offer rotor replacement, brake drum inspection, caliper inspection and replacement, and hydraulic fluid leakage.

We also provide inspection of master cylinder, reservoir and proportioning valve assemblies. All replacements and repairs are carried out with Toyota parts meant for your exact model designation, engine size and type, brake configuration, type of rotor, vehicle ID number and production date. It is important to know problems are attended to as soon as noticed. Overstressed rotors and drums can break really any problem in the system can lead to break failure. Don’t put yourself and other road users at risk pay close attention to your car and at the slightest sign of abnormality bring it down to Magic Toyota for Brake Repair for Toyota in Edmonds. If you would like to come check out our service, please visit our dealer at Magic Toyota. We are conveniently located in Edmonds and are proud to serve nearby cities like Tukwila, Bellevue and Mercer Island.