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Jun 27

2015 Scion Available Now in Edmonds

As of right now, we here at Magic Toyota have information on two Scion models available for 2015. The Scion tC and FR-S are part of the 2015 Scion Available Now in Edmonds and they are shaping up to be two amazing vehicles. Scion has released limited information on the two models but what we …

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Jun 20

2015 Scion tC Available near Everett

Magic Toyota is excited to bring you news on the 2015 Scion tC Available near Everett. Although a full release on the 2015 model hasn’t happened yet, we do know that the new tC model will see a six-speed automatic transmission that includes wheel-mounted paddle shifters to give easy access to gear changes while keeping …

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Dec 30

Scion xD Available in Edmonds

The Scion xD available in Edmonds is an impressive subcompact hatchback that offers great quality for a very affordable price. It has won awards and accolades like “2013 Top Safety Pick” by IIHS and “Intellichoice 2012 Motorist Choice Award”, which show that it is a vehicle that would be a worthwhile choice. The exterior of the 2013 model features smoked headlight housings and …

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Dec 23

Scion xB Available in Edmonds

Since its inception about a decade ago, the Scion xB available in Edmonds has steadily built its reputation as a reliable, capable, and functional compact wagon. Its unique boxy frame awards passengers with much more space than what most other compact hatchbacks in its class can offer. Five passengers are accommodated well, with a lot of headroom and legroom …

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Dec 16

Scion tC Available in Edmonds

Having not been in the American car market for long, many did not expect the Scion tC available in Edmonds to garner the nationwide positive recognition it has today so quickly. This is a testament to the quality and reliability of the Scion tC . This compact coupe boasts an incredibly sporty and athletic look that is quite attractive and appealing. …

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Dec 09

Scion FR-S Available in Edmonds

According to U.S. News Rankings, the Scion FR-S Available in Edmonds is ranked at number one in the “Affordable Sports Cars” category. The FR-S is a one-of-a-kind sports coupe that is definitely looks the part. It features a remarkably sleek and low hood and roof-line that give it an attractive aerodynamic shape. Its aggressively shaped headlights and …

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