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Magic Toyota is a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Dealer near Everett that features an abundant stock of high-quality Toyota vehicles ideal for any user. Our user-friendly online inventory allows you to search by car class, year, and more. Magic Toyota is your best bet for finding a great Toyota vehicle that fits your price range and all your needs.

The Toyota Sequoia is a perfect choice for buyers who want the Toyota-brand reliability combined with the size and hauling power of an SUV. Like its namesake, the Sequoia is large, impressive, and built to last. Eight-person seating, optional 4-wheel drive, and a standard V8 engine that, when combined with its powertrain, allows it to tow up to 7,400 pounds all make the Sequoia a solid entry among other full-size SUVs.

Certified Pre-Owned Toyota

If you test drive the Toyota Sequoia at a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Dealer near Everett, you’ll definitely feel its rugged might and dependability. Toyota has had a long track record of trucks and Sports Utility Vehicles that stand the test of time and devour any road that’s put before them–the Toyota Sequoia is no different. From snow to rocky mountains and on the highway, the Sequoia puts up a strong fight and makes for a great choice for anyone who needs the extra power from the SUV.


In addition to its great utility, the Toyota Sequoia offers a multimedia center. You can see any of the trims from a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Dealer near Everett, and will be able to appreciate smartphone-connective services such as Pandora and other internet radios. Real-time navigation and traffic information is just another feature of the Sequoia.

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Toyota has been a household name when it comes to durable cars that keep their resale value and last a long time. With Sedans, SUVs, full-sized trucks, and more, Toyota is known to do it all and do it well. The auto giant continues to enjoy wide-spread success in the United States and worldwide, with a long list of award-winning SUVs.

Magic Toyota is the prime Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Dealer near Everett, specializing in a number of Toyota cars and trucks. Our pre-owned vehicle appointment hotline is easily reachable at 425-608-4300. We’re the friendliest car dealers you’ll find, with the best sales prices on certified, good-quality used cars. Schedule an appointment with one of our sales representatives, and find the Toyota vehicle that fits your needs to a “T”.