Testimonials / Reviews

We were very impressed with the service we received from Magic Toyota. Staff was friendly, service done quickly, and at a fair price. Thank you.

My first car purchase I am a recent college graduate pursuing a career in photography and I was in search of a car (the old one was dying) and I needed to start building up my credit. For almost a month of searching and running into pushy cars sales men living up to their stereotype, I took a trip to Magic Toyota. I was greeted by a sales person named Tommy Hu. Unlike most car salesman I had dealt with, he gave me breathing room. No harrassment, no spin. He was a straight shooter from the get go. He asked me what I was looking for and I told him something within $12000 dollars fairly new without too many miles. Instead of following me around like a lot of pesty car salesman trying to force cars too old or out of price range down my throat, he simply told me to call him when I found something I liked. He leveled with me telling me that he knows it's hard to buy a car as a young person just starting out. He assured me that he would be able to find something that would fit my budget and give me affordable payments. For the first time, I didn't feel pressured or paranoid around a car salesman. Even though I walked out of that car lot that day, I kept his card with the intentions to actually call him back even if I decided to go with another dealership. Just by the mere fact that instilled confidence in me that he wasn't trying to screw me over for a commission. A few days later, I found an 2008 toyota Corrolla on autotrader.com that fit my price range that happen to at a Ford Dealership. I called Tommy at Magic Toyota to see if they had anything like in stock. They had numerous Certified Corollas in stock and over 200 used cars to chose from. By the time i got there, Tommy already had found an even newer Toyota Corrola with less miles and a better price. I was happy to say I purchased it that same day. Honesty and Integrity go along way. I felt that Tommy Hu was up front, cooperative, empathetic, that he deserved the sale. Of all the car salesmen I saw in a month, this is the only one I actually came back to. Other car salesman and dealership could learn something from Tommy Hu and Magic Toyota. I would reccomend them to everyone I know! Thank you!

I will refer my friends and family‎‎ We recently bought the a brand new 2010 Toyota Camry from MagicToyota. I would like to consider myself pretty smart shopper and I have shopped ten's of dealerships at this point and have walked in to 3 different ones but the reason we bought from here is because Lionel Forcos was the most honest salesperson we have ever come across. Every other dealership was well over what Magic Toyota was selling it to us for so it was easy to make a decision….. We are satisfied to the fullest and very happy about the money we saved by taking our time and coming here. By the way, I highly recommend this dealership but DEFINITELY recommend the Camry it's the most comfortable vehicle out there no questions asked.!

I read all the research on how to buy a car and get a great deal and configured my car on KBB. Then shopped 3 different dealerships for my Prius trying to be as objective as possible. I ran into the best salesperson Tyson at Magic Toyota.. He actually listened to all the questions from both my wife and I and worked really hard to get me the right answers. He spent almost an hour explaining every feature of our new Prius making sure my wife and I were comfortable with the car. He even programed our radio stations and our phone to the Bluetooth feature.

It was so enjoyable we are going to send our daughter and son in-law to look at a Sienna minivan from Bremerton. We are sure he will give them the same treatment we received.

Tyson even introduced us to a lady that scheduled our first service appointment and showed us how to do it online in the future. We will defiantly come to the meeting for new owners he invited us to.

I LOVED this place. And I love my car!

Wow. I was completely blown away to see negative reviews about Magic Toyota! I bought my AWESOME FJ Cruiser there about 6 months ago and found the whole experience to be wonderful. I had called them in advance and told them what I wanted and what I was willing to pay. When I showed-up, my new FJ was already detailed waiting for a test-drive! I hadn't told them I had a trade-in, so that slowed the process down a bit, but I ended up getting $500 over Blue Book on my trade-in too. So, what can i say? I've bought several cars in my life both new and used and I thought Magic Toyota was great.