Used Toyota Dealer in Edmonds

As a favorite Used Toyota Dealer in Edmonds, Magic Toyota has one of the most impressive inventories of certified and one-owner Toyota vehicles in Edmonds. From the RAV4, to the Avalon, to the Camry, Magic Toyota has cemented its place as a prime Toyota dealer in the north Seattle area.

The Toyota Avalon is a car that’s a prime choice for a family sedan, and one that you can find some great deals for if you visit Magic Toyota. The Avalon is large, but not oversized–you, your passengers, and their cargo can comfortably fit into it; meanwhile, its low stance and competent powertrain makes its driving dynamics ideal for anyone. The Avalon comes in both a standard V6 and an inline-4 hybrid, both of which Magic Toyota can find for you. Fuel economy on the Avalon is stellar and is just another reason to consider it as an ideal, all-around car. You can test drive and see how the engine feels for yourself at a Used Toyota Dealer in Edmonds.

The Avalon has always had excellent interior design, with both comfort and control at the forefront of the engineers’ minds. Newer models have five-star infotainment systems, and all models, both newer and older, have great legroom and cargo room. The Avalon uses its full-size status to its advantage, and it shows.

Magic Toyota is a trusted, well-known and well-loved Used Toyota Dealer in Edmonds that has sold all sorts of certified used cars to people from all walks of life. Your next Toyota could very well come from us–with an abundance of financing options, friendly customer service, and a great track record of pairing people up with the top cars for them, it’s no wonder we’re the best.

Magic Toyota has a great inventory tool that lets you see what cars we have and what their availability is, and search at all price ranges–both in English and in Spanish. Call our used car sales line at 425-608-4300 to schedule your next appointment with a Used Toyota Dealer in Edmonds and get ready to test-drive one of our many great vehicles.

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