Used Toyota Trucks Available in Edmonds

If you’re looking for quality Used Toyota Trucks Available in Edmonds, we here at Magic Toyota want you to know that we have a number of great trucks to choose from. The Tacoma and Tundra are great options for those wanting a choice between owning a full-size or mid-size pickup. Each used Toyota truck we have on the lot has been inspected by our Toyota-certified technicians who check over nearly every system on the truck to ensure that you get the best vehicle possible. This comprehensive check includes topping off all fluid levels; inspecting the brakes, wheels, tires; inspecting all working parts of the coolant system; inspecting the driveshaft; checking or replacing the transmission fluid; inspecting the differential(s), inspecting or replacing the many different filters on the truck, including air, fuel, and cabin filters, inspecting the life of the battery, and more.


The Tacoma is a great truck for those who want the utility of a truck but don’t need the full-size responsibility of owning a larger truck. It is part of the Used Toyota Trucks Available in Edmonds we offer, and inventory is always changing so make sure to come visit us in person at 21300 Highway 99, Edmonds, WA 98026. Speak with a professional about what trim level Tacoma you are looking for and we will make sure to get you the vehicle to meet your needs. The Tacoma has always been a tough truck, capable of taking you up into the mountains with its 4X4 drivetrain and V6 engine. Maybe you want something a little more. The Tundra is that type of truck that can haul the boat to the lake, and still agile enough to take off-roading. It has an available TRD package, SR, SR5, Limited, and Platinum trim levels to choose from. While you’re taking a look at the used trucks we have, be sure to also check the Parts Department for availability on accessories to make your used vehicle unique.

All Used Toyota Trucks Available in Edmonds at Magic Toyota are guaranteed to give you that peace-of-mind you get when purchasing a Toyota. Visit our web site for more information on current inventory. Many Tundras and Tacomas come with a CARFAX report that includes a vehicle history report, vehicle highlights, warranty check, and a buyback guarantee.